Regen Traders Connects
Buyers & Sellers of
Regeneratively Raised
Cattle & Beef

Our simple online platform coordinates a complex network to make
the buy/sell process more efficient. Create a FREE profile and we'll get you connected.
Why Create This Platform?
We are passionate about our food system and soil health. Regenerative Agriculture is the single best solution to healthy food, a restored and wholesome ecosystem and the ethical treatment of animals. 

We see ourselves as land-stewards dedicated to supporting small ranches. This platform connects like-minded ranchers and buyers in a new and efficient way, —in turn, supporting a rich opportunity for anyone to participate in true regenerative practice.
We are based in San Antonio, Texas and are part of the Soilworks family of mission driven companies.

Our Team

Lew Moorman
Ed Bryne
Kent Wuthrich
Travis Krause
John Alexander
Mysti Richards